NREL Industry Growth Forum

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For over two decades, the Industry Growth Forum has been the premier clean energy investment event for growing companies to prepare, refine, and present their businesses to a wide range of investors. This year’s event will explore how new technologies, partnerships, and stakeholders are influencing the way energy is delivered and consumed. Leveraging national lab expertise with that of industry, the Forum program will discuss the challenges and opportunities of integrating technologies into a clean energy economy. The two-day program will feature presentations by 30 emerging clean energy companies, thought-provoking panel and technology breakout sessions, along with organized networking opportunities. The 30 companies selected to present are as follows:

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  • EnergySage - The "Expedia of Solar", EnergySage is the industry's first online comparison-shopping marketplace for rooftop and community solar. By efficiently connecting solar shoppers with multiple solar installers, EnergySage is dramatically lowering ‘search costs’ in the residential solar industry. 
  • Entic Inc. - Entic’s cloud-based subscription software platform for commercial buildings provides operational visibility into energy-consuming systems and analytics-driven optimization of HVAC central plants, allowing building owners/operators to harness significant efficiency benefits that translate to significant bottom line financial impact.
  • Forge Nano - Forge Nano can enable Lithium Ion batteries to charge twice as fast, last twice as long, and be half as likely to catch on fire through the application of ALD coatings to battery materials.
  • Ibis Networks - Ibis Networks has a patented system that enables customers to measure, manage and control all of their plugged-in devices. Based on IoT principles, the Ibis solution is uniquely scalable to large buildings and campuses, has military-grade security features, and intuitive real-time analytics.
  • Odyne Systems, LLC - Odyne provides hybrid and efficiency solutions for large commercial trucks. Odyne technology, protected by 25 patents, reduces fuel usage by 40%-65%, reduces smog causing emissions by 70%-96%, and reduces noise and engine wear.


  • AirGreen - A solution to building humidity problems using liquid desiccant absorption for latent and sensible energy control.
  • Axiom Exergy - An industry first, Axiom’s Refrigeration Battery® enables supermarkets, food distribution centers, and other facilities with high refrigeration loads to intelligently “store” refrigeration for later use, reducing peak electricity demand by up to 40%- slashing energy costs. 
  • Brenmiller Energy - Our Thermal Storage-based Generation System offers a dramatic reduction in storage prices to 1-2 cents per kwh stored. Our unique design incorporates low-cost storage media, heat exchangers and steam generators in one unit, which allows us to simplify integration and significantly reduce equipment cost.
  • Cerahelix - Cerahelix combines DNA biotechnology and ceramic materials to create filters that conserve water and energy resources used in processing and manufacturing. Our patented picofiltration technology provides an efficient water recycling solution for challenging industrial process conditions.
  • Dynamo Micropower - Dynamo provides industrial engines & gensets to the oil and gas industry. Dynamo engines are the only engines which can reliably operate on flare gas—a byproduct of oil extraction. Our engines allow operators to reduce energy expenses by 50%, increase productivity, and reduce their greenhouse gas footprint.
  • Electrochaea GmbH - Electrochaea is commercializing a disruptive and scalable technology (Power-To-Gas, P2G) to efficiently convert CO2 into methane, the principal component of natural gas. Using electricity, CO2 and water as process inputs, Electrochaea will produce pipeline-grade renewable natural gas for direct injection into the existing gas infrastructure.
  • Natel Energy - Natel Energy, Inc. is commercializing a proprietary low-head hydropower technology, the hydroEngine®. Distributed, cascaded hydroEngine power plants can allow for greater generation adaptability, delivering to the grid and utility customers reliable, operationally flexible, cost-effective renewable energy.
  • Nelumbo - Omniphobe™ for HVAC is a premium coil coating that enhances heat transfer efficiency through droplet ejection during the condensation process, dramatically improving energy efficiency for the entire system. In addition to energy savings, end customers benefit from improved product lifetime, cleaner air, and longer operational uptime.
  • PassiveLogic, Inc. - PassiveLogic is the first automation platform that understands how buildings work. Our A.I.-driven automation engine is built on the fundamental laws of physics. This knowledge enables intelligent control with a view of the future, proactively making decisions — providing unparalleled control with incredible simplicity.
  • PowerTech Water - PowerTech Water has developed i-CDI, a new water treatment technology that reduces water purification costs and use by up to 80%. i-CDI does not use pressurized pumps, membranes, or chemicals, unlike typical treatment solutions. i-CDI also reduces mineral content in the water, unlike salt-based softeners, which add salt to remove minerals that cause corrosion in industrial pipes.
  • SkyCool Systems - SkyCool Systems is advancing a revolutionary approach to cooling that reduces electricity costs and water use associated with cooling systems. Building on years of research breakthroughs by the company’s founders at Stanford University, our solution to this challenge is a rooftop-mounted passive fluid cooling panel that requires no electricity, no water and works 24/7.
  • Software Motor Corp - SMC is building the world's highest efficiency Internet-connected 1-5hp electric motor. The motor has same unit cost as current low-efficiency variable speed motors, and has no rare-earth and other high cost 'premium' materials that are subject to supply chain disruption. The technology uses a patented high-rotor pole "switched reluctance" (HR-SRM) design demonstrating 30-90% potential energy savings in HVAC applications.
  • Spectrafy - Spectrafy is building the future of solar and atmospheric measurement. The solar, weather and agricultural industries are increasingly demanding the highest quality of solar and atmospheric data. To meet this need, Spectrafy has developed the SolarSIM – a line of IoT enabled, solar spectral sensors that combine simple, rugged hardware and advanced analytics to provide the green economy with the big data it needs at prices it can afford.
  • Viking Cold Solutions - Viking Cold Solutions has a patented passive thermal energy storage and control system that reduces electricity consumption, intelligently shifts load, reduces demand, and provides thermal backup protection in grocery store and commercial cold storage freezers.


  • AquaSeca - AquaSeca provides vigilance over a building's plumbing infrastructure in order to reduce water loss and waste, and minimize property damage. The service-based offering combines acoustic sensing with advanced machine learning and cloud analytics, providing real time knowledge and fast water waste detection with a non-invasive, easy to install, low cost technology.
  • ClearFlame Engines - Our engine technology uses a combination of engine insulation, uncooled turbocharging, and exhaust retention to enable a high-temperature environment in which a heavy-duty engine can achieve highly-efficient, stoichiometric, direct-injected combustion of non-petroleum, soot-free fuels regardless of cetane number. This gives our technology key benefits in the heavy-duty engine market—a sector that relies on liquid fuels due to their superior energy density (relative to gaseous fuels or batteries).
  • Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M) - Hydrogen powered fuel cells with their high energy efficiency, silent operations and zero pollution are the engines of the future.  Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M) is a Canadian SME that has developed a ground-breaking hydrogen storage material that offers twice the range at half the cost of compressed tanks.
  • Iron Goat - Like a Roomba for your farm, we replace hay baling with robotic hay cubing. Our autonomous self-fueling robotic harvester technology increases crop yield and reduces risk associated with harvesting feed for livestock. Our solution is guided by machine vision and synthesizes its fuel from local biomass, eliminating the need for an operator or fossil fuel.
  • NETenergy - NETenergy, a participant in the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2) program, is a thermal energy storage (TES) company. NETenergy’s TES module works like an electrical battery, except it stores thermal energy. It integrates with small commercial building air conditioning systems to shift electricity demand and energy consumption from on-peak to off-peak hours.
  • NovaSolix, Inc. - NovaSolix, Inc. was formed to develop technology to convert solar energy to electricity using rectifying antennas (RA) instead of photovoltaic (PV) cells. At 45 to 90% efficiency, NovaSolix RA cells have enormous, disruptive, potential and with projected manufacturing costs under $0.06 per watt, they will produce lower cost electricity than any other power source.
  • RedWave Energy, Inc. - RedWave Energy is an ARPA-E awardee and VC funded company building the next generation technology for harvesting electricity from industrial waste heat. The nano-antenna technology being developed can harvest low temperature waste heat cost efficiently, a segment of the waste heat market that has not been developed.
  • Tessolar Inc. - Photovoltaic system prices have dropped considerably due to module cost reductions, but little has been done to address the impact of hardware design on soft costs in this multi-billion dollar market. Tessolar's integrated system includes a high performance module that integrates seamlessly with the balance of system hardware. The module is 30% lighter and produces 10% more energy than a conventional module.
  • ThermoLift, Inc. - ThermoLift‘s patented TC-Cycle™ natural gas air-conditioner and heat pump combines building heating, cooling, and hot water delivery in a single appliance. TC-Cycle™ utilizes an innovative thermodynamic cycle to improve system efficiency resulting in a 30-50% reduction in building HVAC costs and associated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling - Vartega has developed a novel and scalable chemistry-based process to recycle uncured carbon fiber prepgreg manufacturing scrap and expired material. Our process uses 90% to 95% less energy, and the recycled carbon fiber is 40% to 50% less expensive than virgin fiber.
  • Xyber Technologies - Xyber Technologies has developed a cooling system for servers and racks that requires no power and has no moving parts. Xyber’s cooling system uses heat pipes to move heat from the hot components inside servers to the outside of the rack where the heat can be isolated and removed efficiently.

Past Presenters

16th Forum

Advent Solar, Inc.
AFS Trinity Power Corporation
AFuels LLC
Ascent Solar
Avalence LLC
Clean Energy Systems, Inc.
Community Power Corporation
Energy Materials Research
GenCell Corporation
H2 Storage Solutions
HelioVolt Corporation
Independent Energy Corporation
Infinia Corporation
International Solar Electric Technology (ISET)
ISE Corporation
Konarka Technologies
Lynntech Inc.
MesoFuel, Inc.
MicroPlanet Technology Corp.
Pentadyne Power Corporation
Power Tube Inc.
PRISM Strategies, Inc.
PureVision Technology, Inc
Rentricity Inc.
Sacred Power Corporation
SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.
SRT Group, Inc.
Surfect Technologies, Inc.
The Solaria Corporation
ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc.
UltraSonic Systems LLC

17th Forum

AquaEnergy Group Ltd.
Azure Dynamics US Inc (formerly Solectria Corp)
BreezElectric LLC
Chameleon Optics, Inc.
Clipper Windpower, Inc.
Composite Conductor Corporation
DryKor Holdings, Inc.
EEStor, Inc.
EMC Technologies, Inc.
GenCell Corporation
GeoPraxis, Inc.
Heart Transverter S.A.
Idalex Technologies, Inc.
InterPhases Research
Iowa Thin Film Technologies, Inc. (now PowerFilm)
Lunar Energy
PhotoVolt, Inc.
Princeton Power Systems, Inc.
Redwood Rubber LLC
SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.
SC Power Systems, Inc./Jane Capital Partners LLC
Solar Systems Proprietary Limited
Solaris Nanosciences Corporation
Solartech Illumination Inc.
Spinworks LLC
SRT Group, Inc.
Sterling Planet, Inc.
The Wind Turbine Company
ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc.

18th Forum

Advanced Energy Products Corp.
Applied NanoWorks
Chemlac Inc.
Cleveland Gas Systems,LLC.
Community Power Corporation
DAIS Nanotech Polymers (DAIS Analytic Corporation)
Edenspace Systems Corp.
Energy Unlimited, Inc.
FuelCell Technologies, Inc
GeoEnergy Enterprises, LLC
H2Gen Innovations, Inc.
HyEnergy Systems
IOSIL Energy Corporation
ITN Energy Systems
One-Cycle Control, Inc.
Prism Solar Technologies Inc.
Prometheus Energy
Redwood Rubber LLC
Renewable Choice Energy
Ribbon Technology International
Seattle BioDiesel (subsidiary of Imperium)
Solar Sentry Corp.
Southwest Windpower
Sterling Planet, Inc.
SVV Technology Innovations, Inc.
Trinity Thermal Systems
Wilson TurboPower, Inc.
Wind Harvest
Zia Power, Inc.

19th Forum

Advanced Biomass Gasification Technologies, Inc.
AIL Research
Apollo Solar
Ascendant Energy Company, Inc.
C5-6 Technologies
Citrus Energy LLC
CTP Hydrogen
Custom Electronics Inc.
Earth Power, Inc.
Edenspace Systems Corp.
Enfocus Engineering Corporation
Environmental Power Corp
Franklin Fuel Cells
Green Building Studio, Inc.
GreenVolts, Inc.
Infinia Corporation
MWOE Solar LLC (now known as Xunlight)
Precision Combustion, Inc.
Prism Solar Technologies Inc.
Pure Energy Corporation
Rentricity Inc.
Ribbon Technology International
SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.
Solexant Corp.
Stellaris Corporation
ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc.
Wilson TurboPower, Inc.
Wind Tower Systems (now owned by Wasacht Wind, Inc.)
Windspire Energy
Ze-gen, Inc.

20th Forum

Aerocity, LLC
Akermin, Inc
Albeo Technologies, Inc.
Apex Construction Systems, Inc.
Bandgap Engineering
C5-6 Technologies
CaliSolar, Inc.
ChromoGenics Sweden AB
Custom Electronics Inc.
Diversified Energy Corporation
Edenspace Systems Corp.
Gamma Solar Corp
General Compression
GeoEnergy Enterprises, LLC
GreenVolts, Inc.
Incitor, LLC
Infinite Power Solutions, Inc.
Naturally Renewable Group, LLC
Ocean Renewable Power Company, LLC
PES, Inc.
Planar Energy Devices, Inc.
Porous Power Technologies, LLC
Prism Solar Technologies Inc.
Ribbon Technology International
Silicon Valley (SV) Solar Inc
Soliant Energy, Inc
Solix Biosystems
SunFund Corporation
Verdant Power, LLC
Vortex Hydro Energy (VHE)
Wakonda Technologies, Inc.
The Wind Turbine Company

21st Forum

Agrivida, Inc.
Ahura Energy
Ampulse Corp.
C2 Biofuels, Inc.
Climax Global Energy, Inc.
Cobalt Technologies
Coulomb Technologies
Deeya Energy, Inc.
Edenspace Systems Corp.
Enerpulse, Inc.
Entegrity Wind Systems, Inc.
Evolutionary Genomics
Genea Energy, Inc.
Hyperion Power Generation, Inc.
Intrago Corporation
Joule Labs, Inc.
K2 Energy Solutions, Inc.
LiquidPiston, Inc.
Marquiss Wind Power
MegaWatt Storage Farms™, Inc.
MicroLink Devices
Nila, Inc.
Optony, Inc.
Photon Synergy, LLC
Porous Power Technologies, LLC
QM Power
Solar Red, Inc.
Tellurian Biodiesel, Inc.
Terrabon, LLC
Trans Ionics, Corp.
ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc.

22nd Forum

Alphabet Energy
Amprius, Inc.
Anzode, Inc.
Banyan Energy
Beacon Power Corp.
Cool Earth Solar, Inc.
Ecovative Design LLC
Ener-G-Rotors, Inc.
Evolutionary Genomics
Exro Technologies, Inc.
Green Pacific Biologicals
Illumitex, Inc.
ION Engineering
Ioxus, Inc.
Lightwave Photonics, Inc.
Lumiette Inc.
Nano-C, Inc.
New Sky Energy
Nilar, Inc.
Paraclete Corporation
Rivertop Renewables
SkyFuel, Inc.
Solexant Corp.
Stellaris Corporation
TerraLUX, Inc.
Versa Power Systems
WindPole Ventures

23rd Forum

7Solar Technologies, Inc.
brightLeaf Technologies, L.P.
Clarian Power, Inc.
CleanPower Finance
Eco Power Solutions USA Corp.
ElectraTherm, Inc.
Emissions Technology, Inc.
Energy Materials, Inc
Enertaq, Inc.
Enovative Kontrol Systems, Inc.
Ideal Power Converters, Inc.
Incenergy, Inc.
infiniRel Corporation
Linum Systems, LTD.
May RubenTechnologies, Corp.
Microstaq, Inc.
Mission Motor Company
NanoMas Technologies, Inc.
Natural State Research, Inc.
Ocean Renewable Power Company, LLC
OPX Biotechnologies, Inc.
OsComp Systems, Inc.
Paper Battery Company, Inc.
PCM Innovations, LLC
Pythagoras Solar
ReGreen Technologies, Inc.
Solid Carbon Products, LLC
Sunnovations, Inc.
ThermalCentric Corp.
Tour Engine, Inc
VanDyne SuperTurbo, Inc.
ZeaChem, Inc.

24th Forum

Advanced Battery Concepts
Algal Scientific
Architectural Applications
Arctic Sand Technologies
B2U Solar
Eco-Auger International
Hydrogen-American Maglev Technology
ICR Turbine Engine Coproration
Impact Earth
Intelligent Generation
Limelite Technologies
Nextgen Solar
Omni Water Solutions
Piedmont Biofuels
Potential Difference Illinois
Power Tagging Technologies
Prieto Battery
Strategic Enzyme Applications
Teleos Solar
TerraLUX, Inc.
Thor Energy
VADXX Energy
WindPole Ventures

25th Forum

7AC Technologies, Inc.
Atmosphere Recovery, Inc.
Carbo Analytics, LLC
Columbia Power Technologies, Inc.
Element One, Inc.
Ethanol Technologies Ltd
Graphene Devices Ltd.
Heliotrope Technologies, Inc.
Lotus Leaf Coatings
Malachite Technologies, Inc.
NOHMs Technologies, Inc.
NuMat Technologies
Orbital Traction
Paradigm Environmental Technologies
Peloton Technology
Phycal Inc
Phytonix Corporation
Principle Power Inc.
PureVision Technology, Inc
Quantum Energy Development, Inc.
Silver Bullet Water Technologies
Sundolier, Inc
Tusaar Corp.
US e-Chromic

26th Forum

Advantek Consulting Engineering
Alquist Temperature Sensing
Avivid Water Technology
Boulder Ionics Corporation
Ener-G-Rotors, Inc.
Green Fuels
HelioBioSys Inc.
Ibis Networks
Infinia Corporation
Keystone Tower Systems
Lucintech Inc.
OptiEnz Sensors
Parthian Energy
Renewable Algal Energy
Solid Power LLC
SolidEnergy Systems
Vandyne Super Turbo
ZnO Advanced Ceramics

27th Forum

AeroValve LLC
Airex Energy
Aurora Control Technologies
ClearCove Systems
Cleargrid Innovations
Cool Energy
Dioxide Materials
Ecorithm, Inc.
GELI (Growing Energy Labs, Inc.)
Go Electric Inc.
Graphenix Development
HiQ Solar
Nines Photovoltaics
NOHMs Technologies, Inc.
OpenAlgae, LLC
SineWatts, Inc.
Siva Cycle
SROV Systems
Urban Electric Power LLC
Ventana Cleantech Inc
Wetzel Blade
Xtrls International, Inc.

28th Forum

Acumentrics/New CO2 Fuels
Be Power Tech, Inc.
Biogenic Energy
CSD Nano, Inc
Design Flux Technologies LLC
ESS Tech, Inc.
Firebee SPC
Frontline Aerospace, Inc.
Glucan Biorenewables
HOMER Energy
Lightning Hybrids
LiquidCool Solutions
Next Energy Technologies Inc.
Sistine Solar
Sonne Industries, LLC
Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc.
Sun Number
Triea Technologies
VG SmartGlass