NREL Industry Growth Forum

One-on-One Networking Session

2017 Conference PhotoThe One-on-One Networking session is one of the signature features of the NREL Industry Growth Forum. During the opening three hours of the Forum, this session facilitates more than 900 meetings between innovative companies, incubators, investors, and other key players in the energy sector. Participants have the opportunity to connect, demonstrate their value proposition, and build dialogue toward potential deals through many brief, valuable meetings. This 'speed-networking' session continues to be a big attraction at the Industry Growth Forum, and serves as an important catalyst for advancing innovation in energy technology.

Industry Growth Forum attendees will get access to sign up for the One-on-One Networking Session after registration. Forum attendees will have access to sign up for the One-on-One session beginning February 2018. Register to Attend or Apply Now!

For more information, or to reserve space as a One-on-One professional, please contact us.

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